Smoking Among Cancer Patients A Tricky Problem

New national guidelines are released so doctors can help more patients quit

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) March 2015 – Doctors have been urging tobacco users to quit for decades, but it is an addiction so powerful that many are unable to kick the habit even after a cancer diagnosis. “Smoking among cancer patients is a huge issue. In fact, the number of people who have cancer and smoke is actually higher than . . . read more


New Procedure Helps Achilles Tendon Heal Faster

Sports medicine surgeons design a new way to suture injury

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) March 2015 – From elite athletes to weekend warriors, more than 250,000 Achilles tendon injuries occur every year in the United States, according to The Bone & Joint Journal. Despite the fact that the Achilles is the strongest and thickest connective tissue in the body, it’s also one of the most vulnerable to injury. That is why Dr. Timothy Miller, a sports medicine expert at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, has developed a new surgical technique to repair torn Achilles tendons.


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Hands-Only CPR Could Save Hundreds Of Thousands

Most bystanders hesitate to help, simpler CPR could change that

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) February 2015 – More than a thousand times a day someone suffers sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital in this country, and most of the bystanders who witness it say they feel powerless to help.  Unfortunately, that ends up costing nearly 400,000 people their lives each year.

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First Ever Plastic Meniscus Implanted In The U.S.

FDA trial will see if artificial cartilage can protect against arthritis, knee replacements

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – For the first time in the U.S., surgeons at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have implanted a plastic device designed to help patients with injured or deteriorating meniscus cartilage.  The meniscus is located between the thigh and shin bones and once it’s damaged can’t heal on its own.

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Mysterious Condition Makes It Hard To Swallow

Cases of “EoE” have risen significantly in all ages, puzzled doctors search for cause

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – Cases of a mysterious condition that makes it progressively harder for people to swallow continue to rise in the U.S., confounding doctors who are working to diagnose and treat it.


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