Study: Cars, Child Seats Not Compatible 42% Of Time

Researchers test 3,600 combinations, find seat angles, headrests cause improper fits

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – A soon-to-be-released study suggests a surprising number of car seats don’t fit into vehicles properly, requiring many parents to stuff rolled up towels, blankets or pool noodles under the car seats to make them level.

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Cartilage Grown In Lab Implanted Into Man's Knee

Doctors: the harvest, grow, implant procedure could change approach to knee injuries

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – Doctors are testing a novel approach in an attempt to repair damaged cartilage in the knee. They’re harvesting healthy cartilage cells from a patient, using those cells to grow new cartilage in a laboratory, then implanting the new cartilage into the patient’s knee in an effort to help it heal.

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Do THIS, Not THAT At The Gym!

1. Planks

Wrong: A sagging lower back can cause back pain and excessive strain at the shoulders.

Right: Keep your core tight and don’t lock out your elbows.

Study shows women live longer with traditional IV chemo - plus doses in the abdomen

(COLUMBUS, Ohio)  – While there may not be an abundance of treatment options for women with advanced cases of ovarian cancer, a new study suggests one of the most effective forms of therapy may be grossly underused.

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Organ Donor Shortage Prompts Creative Searches

Patients are turning to social media, unconventional means to find donors on their own

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – Due to a staggering shortage in the number of donors, patients who are placed on waiting lists for organ transplants are getting creative in their efforts to help find donors themselves. Jason Rubinstein, of Dublin,Ohio, found a donor after posting a plea on Facebook. Others, like Lori Coulter, have painted signs on their cars and taken their messages to the streets.

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